Friday, May 15, 2009


Here begins my never ending review of movies!

Welcome to SajjanPur (Hindi, released 2008):

Nice movie, something along the Malgudi days style (though there is no little boy here). It is a story set in a rural village backdrop, about a guy who makes a living writing letters for others (who doesn't know how to read/write). The story is mostly told with a comic touch, so it's a ligh hearted movie which will make you laugh. It has it's touching moments at times. Only thing to watch out for is, the hindi is pretty hard to follow because it's rural hindi I guess. So either concentrate on the dialogues or see it on video with subtitles.

Made by Shyam Benegal, so it's quality cinema we are dealing with here. Shreyas Talpade leads the cast and does a good job.

Defenitely a clean, light, very watchable movie.


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