Friday, May 15, 2009


Poo (tamil, released 2008)

This is about love, the kind of love that makes you ask 'is there really such a love?'. A village backdrop,Girl loves a boy when in school and in all innocence her ambition in life is to be his wife. They grow up, and eventually the boy moves to a big city for his studies. Girl stays back in the village itself doing asmall time job. She eagerly waits to see him whenever he returns to the village, though he doesn't see her love now. Finally he understands her love, but then there are some complications and so on.

Parvati as the girl has done a wonderful job, the story is actually about her. The hero Srikanth doesn't have much to do in this movie. Though the love in this movie is rather out of this world, they have made it very convincing and touching.

But the ending leaves you confused. It's as if you are the middle of an action sequence and suddenly the curtain drops and you are being told the movie ended!. If not for the ending, I would have really liked this movie. But defenitely a watchable movie.


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