Friday, May 15, 2009

Njaan Kadavul

Njaan Kadavul (released 2009)

This is a rather weird one. A man goes to kaasi with his young boy and comes back leaving the boy there, because some astrologer told him that the boy is bringing his family bad luck. After 15 years or so, the guy goes back to Kaasi with his daugther to search for his son and bring him back.

The boy has now grown into a man (Arya) and is now a swami, the type of swamis who walk around with skull and cross bones as a necklace. The violent, drug loving swami who lashes out at all evil and who has the power to take lives (Aghori).

So the son comes back to the village with his Dad. On a parallel story we have a group of beggars living there who is headed by a man who uses them for profit. This is where the story becomes a bit tough to watch. These beggars look like the real ones we see in India, people with various deformities.It's their story too. Some scenes are really tough to watch, so this is not for kids at all.

Anyway, the story goes on about the life of one particular blind girl (pooja, I really don't know how they made her look like that. Amazing) who is brought into the beggar group. They try to sell her off, the other beggars save her, Arya saves her, they again catch her, hurt her bad. And Arya saves her,as to how, is something you need to see the movie for.

Watchable movie, but let me warn you, not an easy one to sit through though the story is not bad at all and the acting is 100% true by everyone. Hats off to Arya and Pooja for donning such exceptionally different roles.


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