Friday, May 15, 2009

Match made in heaven

Rab Ne Bana di Jodi (Hindi, released 2009)

I am starting to enjoy all these Yash Raj movies simply because they are great entertainers. These are very colorful movies, a fun to watch. Of course, don't expect a Srinivasan kind of story when you see these. We are talking pure entertainment value here.

A geeky looking guy (Shah Rukh Khan in a new make up) ends up getting married to a pretty girl (or so they say) in an unsual situation. The girl doesn't love him, but he does. So he comes up with an idea to change himself to win the girl's heart. Now comes the usual Shah Rukh Khan. The girl doesn't suspect that the two guys are the same because they do look different. She eventually falls for the modern version.

Watch the movie to see what happens next. Shah Rukh Khan in both the roles is rather funny in this movie. So is his friend, though I don't know the name of that actor. The girl is a new face, she has done ok too. Shah Rukh Khan in the modern macho role is especially fun to watch.

Nice, fun movie. Nothing gets too serious. You can go home easy after the movie.


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